Bad Weather Tour.

If there is bad weather on race day which is not considered to be bad enough to cancel the race entirely, the following alternative shorter course will be used.  The course is approximately 9 miles and 2200ft of climbing, estimated winner’s time; 1 hour 20 minutes.  The race will be referred to as the “Bad Weather Tour”.  The alternative is to have the afternoon in the pub

The description should be read with the maps and sketches of the course, which can be found on this site.  The route shown on these sketches is compulsory, no part of the course is flagged.  A fully waterproof map showing the area and the course of the Tour of Pendle is available from Pete Bland Sports of Kendal.

Registration:    GR  823 403.  Barley Village Hall.


Start:   GR  822 402.  Outside Old Water Works.

C.P.1:  GR  808 413.  Wall corner under Big End.

The race starts outside of the Old Water Works at Barley which is 100m’s past Race Registration in the Village Hall. Follow this track passing Lower Ogden Res on your left and rise into the trees.  On exit from the trees fork right onto the concrete track, climb and pass through the gate in front of you, turn right and climb, keeping the wall on your right, to another gate which will be open. Pass through the gate, cross the track, pass through a third gate, also open and climb to GR 805 409, which will be marshalled on the day.  Turn right and descend on the track to the wall corner at GR 808 413 which is CP 1.

This descent is used in the Pendle fell race.


C.P.2:  GR  795 417.  Steel Gate in wall, Pendle Hill.

Climb the stepped path to the stone stile, cross the stile and turn left.  There is a second stile 20m’s farther along the wall that can also be used.  When across, take the trod to the left at approximately 45deg to the gate.  Follow that trod leaving it for CP 2 at the steel gate in the wall.


C.P.3:  GR  773 384.  Above the quarry at Nick o’ Pendle.

The route to CP3 is compulsory.  Pass through the gate and turn immediate left and with the wall on your left follow it to the wall corner and a fence.  On the other side of the fence is the upper part of Ogden Brook.  Do not cross the fence, turn right and with the fence now on your left pick up the path which gradually rises above the brook and finally turns away from it as it heads to CP 3 above the quarry at Nick o’ Pendle.


C.P.4:GR  786 385.  Gate at reservoir inlet stream.


Turn south east from CP 3 and head for Churn Clough Res which can be seen, if visibility has improved, as you leave CP 3.  Descend and pick up the track just below you on the right, follow the track, pass through the gate and move forward to crest the field in front of you with the wall on your left and the Res in front.  Cross the stile in the wall, descend to the gate, pass through and join the track around the Res.  Follow the track, cross the bridge over the Res inlet stream, turn immediate left and pass through the gate, this is CP 4.


C.P.5:  GR  801 397.  Gate in fence in Ogden Clough, as stream “crosses” fell wall.

From CP 4 follow the stream, then the fence and climb to the wall, passing the large holly bush.  Cross the wall, turn right and climb.  When you come to a wall in front of you turn right and cross the wall you have been following.  Turn left and with the wall now on your left, crest the climb and cross the wall at the stile.  Cross the eastern side of Spence Moor and descend into Ogden Clough, crossing the brook to CP 5 at the gate.  This descent is locally known as Geronimo.  Pass through the gate and turn right to the gate in the wall, (Bill’s Gate) approximately 10m’s away.  Pass through the gate and follow the trod which leads to the track you followed from the start.  Follow the track to the finish outside the Village Hall.