The Tour of Pendle Fell Race.

This is a description of the course of the “Tour of Pendle Fell Race”, locally referred to as “The Tour”.  It should be read with the maps and sketches of the course, which can be found on this site.  The route shown on these sketches is compulsory, no part of the course is flagged.  A fully waterproof map showing the course is available from Pete Bland Sports of Kendal.


Registration:     GR  823 403.  Barley Village Hall.

Start:    GR  822 402.  Outside Old Water Works.


C.P.1:   GR  795 417.  Steel gate in wall, Pendle Hill.

The race starts outside of the Old Water Works at Barley which is 100m’s past Race Registration in the Village Hall. Follow this track passing Lower Ogden Res on your left and rise into the trees.  On exit from the trees fork right onto the concrete track, climb and pass through the gate in front of you, turn right and climb, keeping the wall on your right, to another gate which will be open. Pass through the gate, cross the track, pass through this third gate, also open and climb to the Big End and the trig point.  Pass the trig point and proceed to the stile/gate 100m’s in front of you.  Cross the stile/gate and take the path to the left at approximately 45deg to the gate.  Follow that path leaving it for CP 1 at the steel gate in the wall.


C.P.2:   GR  773 384.  Above the quarry at Nick o’ Pendle.

The route to CP2 is optional.  In cloud the following route is recommended.  Pass through the gate and turn immediate left and with the wall on your left follow it to the wall corner and a fence.  On the other side of the fence is the upper part of Ogden Brook.  Do not cross the fence, turn right and with the fence now on your left pick up the path which gradually rises above the brook and finally turns away from it as it heads to CP 2 above the quarry at Nick o’ Pendle.


C.P.3:  GR  786 385.  Gate at reservoir inlet stream.

Turn south east from CP 2 and head for Churn Clough Res which can be seen on a clear day as you leave CP 2.  Descend and pick up the track just below you on the right, follow the track, pass through the gate and move forward to crest the field in front of you with the wall on your left and the Res in front.  Cross the stile in the wall, descend to the gate, pass through and join the track around the Res.  Follow the track, cross the bridge over the Res inlet stream, turn immediate left and pass through the gate, this is CP 3.


C.P.4:   GR  801 397.  Gate in fence in Ogden Clough, as stream “crosses” fell wall.

From CP 3 follow the stream, then the fence and climb to the wall, passing the large holly bush.  Cross the wall, turn right and climb.  When you come to a wall in front of you turn right and cross the wall you have been following.  Turn left and with the wall now on your left, crest the climb and cross the wall at the stile.  Cross the eastern side of Spence Moor and descend into Ogden Clough, crossing the brook to CP 4 at the gate.  This descent is locally known as Geronimo.


A cut-off time will be rigidly enforced at this CP.  If you do not make this cut-off time you will be directed back to the finish.  The route back is as follows; pass through the gate in the wall, (Bill’s Gate) approximately 10m’s to your right and follow the path which leads to the track you followed from the start.  You must report to registration, ensure your retirement is recorded and the official receives your tags and ring.


C.P.5:   GR  772 394.  Wall corner.

Pass through the gate and follow the path upstream, cross Ogden Brook and climb, when you reach the path turn left and follow it to Apronfull Hill.  From Apronfull Hill descend to CP 5 following the trod to a point just above the wall corner.


C.P.6:   GR  783 405.  Grassy Knoll in front of Geoff’s Tarn.  Pendle Moor.

Leaving CP 5 at 45deg follow the trod, cross Howcroft Brook at the bottom of Ashendean Clough and climb Mearley Moor to the wall corner and cairn, with the wall on your left, follow it forward to the wall tee on your left, pass through the gap in the wall and turn right.  With the wall on your right follow the path to a small grassy knoll with a tarn behind it, this is CP 6.  Access to any of the area on your left is out of bounds due to erosion and the creation of a heavily marked, sloppy path, please STAY OFF.  The cairn which is CP 8 can be seen from here on a clear day.  You still have to visit CP 7.


C.P.7:   GR  783 413.  Mearley Brook “crossing” of fell wall.

Follow the trod, pass through the gap in the wall and following the trod, descend to CP 7, where Mearley Brook passes under the fell wall.  The last 3 or 4m of this descent into the brook are particularly steep.  Cross the brook.


C.P.8:   GR  789 414.  Alistair’s / Scout memorial cairn.

Follow the trod and climb to the cairn which is CP 8.  This climb is referred to locally as the Big Dipper.


C.P.9:   GR  807 424.  Grassy knoll above wall tee.

Turn left at the cairn and follow the trod to the wall, passing the circular shelter just before the stile.  Cross the wall using the stile (GR 794 419) and follow the trod forward (do not fork right) along the edge and after crossing two grassed over tracks descend to CP 9 on a grassy mound below you near the wall tee on the eastern end of Downham Moor.


C.P.10:GR  804 414.  Trig Point on Big End.

Turn and climb back up to the stile in the wall (GR 806 419), cross the stile and follow the trod to the trig point on The Big End which is C.P. 10.


C.P.11:GR  801 397.  Gate (Bill’s Gate) in wall as stream “crosses” fell wall.

The main path from the trig point does not lead to CP 11 but there is a narrow trod on the latter part.  This is open moor and if under cloud it is featureless, at this stage in the race do not take a risk on missing CP11; take a bearing.  On a clear day, when Spence Moor is visible at the other side of Ogden Clough, the first wall on your left on that moor, drops down to C.P. 11 in Ogden Clough and can be used as a visible bearing, run at it.  There is approx 10m between CP 11 and CP 4; they are close together.  Pass through the gate at the check point and follow the path, passing Upper Ogden Res on your right.  Descend to the lane and follow it to the finish outside the Old Water Works at G.R.  822 402.


Kieran F. Carr,  21 August 2014.