Entries 2016

Tour of Pendle Fell Race Entries Limited to 500 Race Entries at 03Aug2016 33rd Race Sat. 19th. November 2016 Alec Cottrill 8 M55 Burnden RR Daniel Biggs 9 M Calder Valley FR Andrew Meek 12 M50 Calder Valley FR Mark

Race Report 2015

Tour of Pendle 14Nov2015 Race Report. The Tour is an A Long fell race and one of the requirements of the FRA for A Long fell races, that appear in the calendar, is that there is a Bad Weather Course

2014 Race Report

Here is the organiser’s report on the 2014 Tour. Tour of Pendle 15Nov2014 Race Report. The view on race day morning of the Mearley climb, was clear as was that of Pendle, no cloud. I was on my way to