Here is the organiser’s report on the 2014 Tour.

Tour of Pendle 15Nov2014
Race Report.
The view on race day morning of the Mearley climb, was clear as was that of Pendle, no cloud. I was on my way to Barley within an hour, the cloud had arrived, was down to the fell wall and stayed there all day.
Congratulations to Karl on his second win and to Caitlin on her first win. 395 started and 372 finished. If it was your first Tour, you missed fabulous views but hopefully you will return in better weather.
We had one runner reportedly in a “bad way” on the last climb, the marshal at CP10, (the trig point), was alerted by a few runners coming through and he relayed this to me at the Village Hall using the FRA radios I had borrowed. I phoned the Search and Rescue and was giving details to the telephone operator requesting the Search and Rescue come out, when I got a second call from the marshal telling me the runner had just passed through the CP and was accompanied by 2 other runners, so I cancelled the request. It was a “Near Miss” and I am very pleased he recovered and was able, with assistance, to get himself to the finish. My thanks to the two runners who helped him back but as he did not call in at first aid in the Village Hall and I did not get his number I can only assume all was well with him.
5 or 6 runners climbed the old path across “Out of Bounds” ground when they left CP3. The peat cover on this area is very soft and loose and I am hoping it will recover and the fern grow over the path, please stay off. This is also a shorter route and they gained an unfair advantage over the others who followed the fence and stayed off it. Fortunately the cloud covered them and the marshal’s did not see them, if they had been seen I would have disqualified them. This area is well shown on the website map and the posters at registration.
I have just put the tags back in order and I have 20 O-rings missing. Please have a look at your bum bags and check if you have one on the strap. If you do have one, please will you return it to me. I don’t need a note or anything just put it in an envelope and send it 2nd class post or push it through my letterbox.
I’ve done a litter pick on the course, food wrappers, 3 or 4 empty gels and 14 or 15 gel tops, they are brightly coloured and do not rot, please put them down your vest and put them in a litter bin at the finish if you do the race next year. A marshal picked up “a lot” of litter between CP3 and 4.
Thanks to the Marshal’s and Officials, they do the hard bit on the day, most of my work is done pre race day in the comfort of my dining room. Next year the race will be on 14Nov2015, 10:30am start and the Village Hall is booked.
Lost property: A pair of mucky Mud Claw 333’s, laces still fastened and in a “Footasylum” bag. They look in pretty good condition and loads bigger than my seven’s, I’m surprised no one has asked about them. I will keep them until mid February 2015 and then bin them if not claimed.
I am pleased to say the race now has a web site, and I intend to post the results on from all previous races, also photographs and other info. but it may take time, so keep visiting.
All the best for Christmas and the New Year…………..Kieran and the Tour Team.

2014 Race Report