The Bad Weather Tour.

If there is bad weather on race day which is not considered or forecast to be bad enough to cancel the race entirely, the following alternative shorter course will be used.

The race will be named “The Bad Weather Tour”.

The course is approximately 14 miles and includes 4 climbs totalling 2700 feet. The route was used for the 32nd race on the 14 November 2015 and its course basically excludes the last 2 climbs of “The Tour of Pendle”; (CP7, 8, 9 & 10). The winner was Rob Hope of Pudsey & Bramley in 01:46:30,  1st Vet (M45 & 3rd in race) Ian Holmes of Bingley AC in 01:48:14,  1st Lady Michelle Tenwick of Pudsey & Bramley in 02:14:14 and 1st Lady Vet (W45) Lynne Clough of Chorley AC in 02:16:55.

The race follows the route of the “The Tour of Pendle” to check point 5 (CP5) and climbs Mearley heading for CP6 in “The Tour of Pendle”, passing the wall corner and cairn at the top.  With the wall on your left proceed passing the wall tee junction.  Do not cross the wall at the gap but continue with the wall on your left until you reach the tee junction and the marshal in front of you.  Do not cross the wall, turn right and with the wall on your left follow it to the next marshal and descend into Ogden Clough.  Cross Ogden Brook and pick up the path heading downstream, pass through the kissing gate and follow the path to CP7.  CP7 is the kissing gate which is CP11 on the “Tour of Pendle”.  From here follow the path and road to the finish outside Barley Village Hall as in “The Tour of Pendle”.

Registration:     GR  823 403.  Barley Village Hall.

Start:                GR  822 402.  Outside Old Water Works.

Finish:              GR  823 403.  Outside Barley Village Hall.

Kieran F. Carr


Bad Weather Tour