I was on the course last Saturday, started at CP2, Nick o’ Pendle, climbed Apronful and dropped off to bottom off Mearley, a bit past CP5.  Climbed to CP6, then went through 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and back to 2.  All was well, nothing to report and no litter.  Today I was over at Barley and let the residents on the first part of the course know what was happening on Saturday, all positive feedback, no problems.  The road to the first gate and the start of the grass, has been surfaced, tarmac all the way.  Sorry about that but it must be brilliant for the people who live up there.

So all is well for Saturday.  Please remember to bring all the appropriate gear and more if you think necessary, plus food.  The forecast at the moment is 56% possibility of showers in the morning, dry in the afternoon.  Please take any litter you create during the race home with you or give it to a marshal.  See you on Saturday………….Kieran

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