Car Park Closure 2019                                                        

Tour of Pendle Fell Race 16Nov2019. The race will take place on that day and start at 10:30 as on previous years. However, due to the closure of the car park in Barley for surface improvements and further work on drainage being identified this week, I am reducing the number of entries for the race. Closure of the car park reduces the parking availability by 50/60%. I now have 282 entries before todays post and am imposing a “target\” limit of 300 on this years race. I will accept entries that are already in the post and delivered thru my door on Tuesday 05Nov2019. Also hand delivered entries up to that date. I will accept substitutions and there will be no charge. I am posting here because I am hoping you have access electronically to your fellow club members and will let them know about this change. Please also ask them to car share as well, if possible get 4 to a car or at least 3. The main parking is on the road between Barley and Roughlee or on the road from the A59 / Downham approx 0.5mile from Registration. No parking in the village or local fields which are saturated and boggy. The race has a good relationship with the Parish Council, the Village Hall, local farmers and the residents and I do not want to damage that relationship. I will be doing tee shirts again and this year, thanks to Andy at CP10, each runner will receive a bottle of Moorhouse’s beer.

Kieran F. Carr


Entry limit reduction.