Tour of Pendle Fell Race
2016 Report
19November 2016

This year Pendle and its adjacent moors where covered with 150mm (6”) of snow.  In all the year’s I have been organiser we have never had snow.  The forecast promised clear spells with wintery showers and a cold moderate wind.  All cloud lifted for the first half of the race with patches of blue and then it deteriorated in the second half, on the last two climbs to dense cloud with snow and hale showers.  351 started the race and 330 finished.
Congratulations to Jack Wood of Ilkley H who won the race and Lorraine Slater of Barlick FR who was first lady, both winning for the first time.
My thanks go out to the marshals who gave up their day without thinking about it, most of them have marshalled the Tour before on numerous years.  Including the start and finish, it takes approximately 30 people.
Well done to everyone who braved the start and for those who retired I hope you are fully recovered and will return next year.
The following items were left behind; a blue karrimor “run” top with dark blue sides, a pair of dark blue Ronhill Trackster Elite GT and a pair of black TROJAN gloves.  If you recognise them and want them back give me a ring, there’s still plenty of wear in them.
Next year’s race is on the 18November2017, let’s hope we get a better day.  The Village Hall is booked.
All the best to you and your families for Christmas and the New Year……………Kieran

Race Report 2016