Congratulations to Carl and Lindsey both winners for the first time, hope you come back next year.

The race had two good friends missing this year, our Bill Smith, who marshaled CP’s 4 and 11. Much has been written about this lovely
man and all I can add is that he was my friend, as he was to a lot of people and I am very proud of him. Like others, I have a lot of photographs he took of me racing and gave to me, all fond memories. The other is my dear wife Doreen who died in the early hours of Sunday morning on the 16th of October from ovarian cancer, 2 days after Bill’s funeral. She was diagnosed on 29 March and had a tough time from April to her death and complained little. Thank you everybody for your kind words and cards.

My thanks go to the marshals on the course, the sweepers and all at the start and finish, the machine ran smooth again. Thank you so much. The race day with all its excitement, manic at times, and a clear bright day made it a joy.

We were fortunate with the weather this year but must not forget this is an AL race in mid November and bad weather is common on Pendle during this month with icey winds, sleet and dense cloud cover. The cut-off time at CP4 was again raised and discussed at length.

I must accept the advise of my peers, which I agree with and will reduce the cut-off time for next years race by 15 mins to 12:15pm. If you are one of the slower runners, I’m sorry but I must be responsible and promote safety, the race gets tougher and tougher after that CP.

Next years race will be on the 17th November, the hall is already booked. If you plan to enter please do it on the race entry form, I will have additions which you must agree to comply with if you race. In particular the route to CP1.

Anyone else getting near to 21 races?

Anyone got a medium tee shirt and wish they had a large, I have a large and would like to do a swop?

Lost property: I have 2 hats and a pair of black shorts. If they are yours, please give me a ring. I will keep them for 3 months.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Kieran

Here are some pictures from the race.

  • Geronimo descent

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